About Envision 3D Printing

Envision 3D Printing manufactures custom-made parts from three-dimensional digital files using fused deposition modeling (FDM) technology, UV-curable resins, and full-color powder binder technology. These processes, also known as additive manufacturing or rapid prototyping, use an additive process to create the 3D objects. Our production techniques yield the highest quality results every time.

FDM technology was invented by Stratasys, a company that remains the leader in this technology. For FDM parts, we have both a Fortus 380mc 3D printer and an F370 3D printer available to manufacture your parts. Both printers reliably produce consistent, high-quality parts. We currently offer FDM parts made with ABS-M30, ABS-M30i, ABS-ESD7, ASA, PC, PC-ISO, and Nylon 12. For more information on 3D printing materials we use, see FDM Materials.

Our staff has over 20 years of combined 3D printing experience. That experience allows us to easily use the information you provide when you fill out the Part Request Form, along with any follow-up information we might contact you for, to effectively manage the print parameters of your part(s). Envision 3D Printing production techniques ensure you receive the best fit-for-purpose part at the most cost-effective price.

As we grow our business, we will continue to add other services and other 3D printing technologies to best serve your needs.

Fortus 380MCR1