FDM Materials

The Fortus 380mc machine is designed to build parts using seven different production-grade thermoplastic FDM materials, including the latest ASA material. ASA gives you all the benefits of ABS-M30 plus UV stability and better aesthetics. Our Fortus 380mc is licensed to run them all.

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ABS-M30 is stronger than standard ABS and is a good all-around material choice that boasts excellent tensile, impact, and flexural strength. It is available in six colors.

ABS-M30i is bio-compatible and suitable for medical, pharmaceutical, and food packaging.

ABS-ESD7 is a good material for use around static-sensitive products. Its uses include electronic jigs, fixtures, and mounts.

ASA is the latest materials offered by Stratasys. In addition to being slightly stronger than ABS-M30, it has greater resistance to UV and better aesthetics. ASA is an excellent choice for parts that will be exposed to the elements. It is available in nine colors.

PC has exceptional mechanical properties and heat resistance. It is a good choice for parts that will be exposed to higher mechanical stresses.

Like ABS-M30, PC-ISO is bio-compatible, but it has greater strength and thermal properties. It is a good choice for parts or tooling used in the food, drug, and medical industries.

Nylon is a tough material that has good resistance to fatigue. This makes it a great choice for snap fit parts.