3D Scanning

Full Body 3D Scanning Guidelines

  • Wear your favorite clothes or costume! Bright colors and patterns look great in scans.
  • Don't wear:
    • Dangling jewelry such as loose earrings or bracelets.
    • Mid-length dresses or skirts. Dresses or skirts should either be full length or high enough off the ground to capture your legs and feet.
    • Reflective or sheer clothing.
  • Scanner setup is ideal for scanning 1 or 2 people at a time. If more than two individuals are desired, please inquire.
  • We will take 3 - 4 poses per appointment. After your scan, you can view all your poses and select one to print.
  • After you leave, we digitally edit your model to make any necessary scan corrections.
  • Additional edits beyond basic corrections are available for an extra cost.
  • Your model can usually be picked up or delivered within 2 to 3 weeks.

The Process

Clara image capture

Step 1

3D scanner captures multiple pictures of subject within two seconds
Clara image align

Step 2

Photogrammetry software is used to align images
Clara image processing

Step 3

Point cloud is processed into 3D computer model
Clara texture added

Step 4

Texture is computed and wrapped around model
Clara digital edits

Step 5

Artist digitally edits model
Clara printed model

Step 6

Model is 3D-printed, cleaned, strengthened, and sealed

One Person

 5 inches tall:  $130 each 

 6 inches tall:  $160 each 

 7 inches tall:  $200 each 

 8 inches tall:  $250 each 

 9 inches tall:  $310 each 

  Two People

5 inches tall:  $205 each 

 6 inches tall:  $255 each 

 7 inches tall:  $320 each 

 8 inches tall:  $400 each 

9 inches tall:  $500 each

Additional Pricing Details

  • Base price includes:
    • 3D scan
    • Standard digital editing
    • 3D print with base
    • Clear protectant
  • For additional information please visit our 3D Scanning website.

Structured Light 3D Scanning

Envision 3D Scanning is pleased to introduce structured light 3D scanning to our list of services. Structured light 3D scanning projects a light pattern onto an object to measure the distance of every point on the object, allowing for more accurate modeling. The addition of this 3D scanning functionality greatly enhances our ability to provide reverse engineering services. After the object is scanned, we can provide customers with the 3D model file as well as provide 3D printing services to create the scanned object.

The "Hilt and Guard Scans" photo in our gallery below shows a rendering of the 3D model we created from a structured light 3D scan we performed for a client recently.


Here are just a few examples of models we have completed for customers and a peek at what our 3D scanning booth looks like.

Nutcracker costume figurine
Baseball player figurine
Graduate figurine
Sword hilts & guards