3D Scanning

Full Body 3D Scanning Guidelines

  • Wear your favorite clothes or costume! Bright colors and patterns look great in scans.
  • Don't wear:
    • Dangling jewelry such as loose earrings or bracelets.
    • Mid-length dresses or skirts. Dresses or skirts should either be full length or high enough off the ground to capture your legs and feet.
    • Reflective or sheer clothing.
  • Scanner setup is ideal for scanning 1 or 2 people at a time. If more than two individuals are desired, please inquire.
  • We will take 3 - 4 poses per appointment. After your scan, you can view all your poses and select one to print.
  • After you leave, we digitally edit your model to make any necessary scan corrections.
  • Additional edits beyond basic corrections are available for an extra cost.
  • Your model can usually be picked up or delivered within 2 to 3 weeks.

The Process

Clara image capture

Step 1

3D scanner captures multiple pictures of subject within two seconds

Clara image align

Step 2

Photogrammetry software is used to align images

Clara image processing

Step 3

Point cloud is processed into 3D computer model

Clara texture added

Step 4

Texture is computed and wrapped around model

Clara digital edits

Step 5

Artist digitally edits model

Clara printed model

Step 6

Model is 3D-printed, cleaned, strengthened, and sealed

One Person

 5 inches tall:  $130 each 

 6 inches tall:  $160 each 

 7 inches tall:  $200 each 

 8 inches tall:  $250 each 

 9 inches tall:  $310 each 

  Two People

5 inches tall:  $205 each 

 6 inches tall:  $255 each 

 7 inches tall:  $320 each 

 8 inches tall:  $400 each 

9 inches tall:  $500 each

Additional Pricing Details

  • Base price includes:
    • 3D scan
    • Standard digital editing
    • 3D print with base
    • Clear protectant
  • For additional information please visit our 3D Scanning website.


Here are just a few examples of models we have completed for customers and a peek at what our 3D scanning booth looks like.

Nutcracker costume figurine
Baseball player figurine
Graduate figurine